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We’ve Built Our Reputation on First-Rate Garage Door Maintenance

At Besser Bros., we’ve been keeping garage doors and openers running for a long time. In this time, we’ve also developed an A+ rating and a reputation around Orange County for unbeatable customer service and garage door maintenance, repair and installation services. Our personable and trained technicians and representatives are ready to help you with any of your garage door needs. No matter what the issue, we possess the tools and know-how to solve any problem of any size.

Besser Bros. honest and affordable maintenance and repairs keep your residential and commercial doors running properly, smoothly and reliably. This includes a 25-point safety inspection on your system that prevents your doors from failing. Our skilled technicians catch minor issues before they turn into big expensive problems that can lead to door failure and damage to your home or business. Contact us today and schedule an appointment for responsible and trusted garage door maintenance, repairs and installations.


Ensure Proper Balance with Garage Door Maintenance

Balance is an important aspect of your garage door system and needs annual attention and maintenance. Your system’s balance keeps doors running smoothly and improper care can lead to expensive repairs. Our trained and honest technicians will check your doors balance and lubricate necessary moving parts to keep your garage door functioning.


Garage Door Maintenance Protects Hardware from Wear & Tear

Overuse and time can lead to general wear and tear on neglected garage doors and openers. With Besser Bros., we’ll check your door’s springs, rails, drums, and rollers and replace worn parts with brand new ones. Our honest and responsible garage door maintenance services will save you money by keeping small, inexpensive problems from getting any bigger.


Keep Your Door Opener Functioning with Garage Door Maintenance

When your garage door fails, it can be due to poor care and maintenance. Keep your door running properly with maintenance and repairs from Besser Bros. Our trained and friendly technicians conduct thorough inspections and will make necessary repairs and adjustments to keep your door functioning. This includes tightening fasteners and checking tracks for bends and alignment.

The Impact of Our Annual Maintenance Program

All garage doors experience problems functioning with overuse and time. This leads to expensive repairs bills. At Besser Bros., we’ll keep your garage door running reliably with our annual and honest maintenance program.

Safety You Can Trust

Garage doors can become faulty and dangerous without proper maintenance. With Besser Bros., our trusted and responsible technicians will keep you and your property safe with our affordable and honest garage door maintenance. Our services include inspections and adjustments such as checking your tracks for bends and tightening loose fasteners. We also test door safety and security features to ensure they are working properly. At Besser Bros., we value our customers and their safety. Contact us today and schedule a maintenance appointment with one of our personable technicians.

Solutions That Last

Annual and steady garage door care will save you money and headaches in the future by preventing expensive and unexpected problems. These include significant damage to your door and property due to defective or free-falling garage doors. If we had a dollar for every garage door that collapsed on the hood of a customer’s BMW… We here at Besser Bros. can save you from that nightmare with our trusted and honest residential and commercial garage door maintenance services. Our trained technicians can spot and fix small problems before they turn into big ones. Schedule an appointment with us Besser Bros. and start saving money on your garage door today.

Why Trust Our Garage Door Company?


We’ve served the Orange County area for over 40 years


Our quality garage door repairs and products are made to last


We’re honest and straightforward in our pricing structure

Reviews of Our Garage Door Services

“In a world where it is very hard to find customer service, I am so happy that I did business with Besser Bros. Byron was a guy that stood behind his word every time! His employees were always honest & respectful.“

- Shelly M, Dana Point, CA

“If you want your garage door serviced by technicians who are polite, professional and respectful, then Besser Bros. is the company you are looking for!“

- Jonathon P, Lake Forest, CA

“Besser Bros. does business like companies used to do back in the day - just honest and reliable service and people.“

- Shirley G, Burbank, CA

“Hello, our experience with Bob was excellent, he is knowledgeable, polite, friendly, just as we are used to people from your company in the past! Thank you for your service!“

- The Kim Family

“The doors are beautiful! We will be painting the exterior soon, so the doors should look even better. Your installers were fantastic. We are extremely happy with everything. Thank you and we will recommend you all to our neighbors.“

- The Philips Family, San Juan Capistrano, CA