Annual Tune-ups

Regular maintenance is the key to ensuring the longevity, safety, and efficiency of your garage door. Our comprehensive annual tune-up service is designed to identify and address minor issues before they escalate into costly repairs.

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Lubricate all hinges, bearings, and overhead door torsion system parts

Lubrication is crucial to prevent friction and wear on moving parts. Hinges, bearings, and the overhead door torsion system are critical components of your garage door. Applying a high-quality garage door lubricant to these parts will ensure smooth and quiet operation. Lubrication reduces noise, minimizes wear and tear, and extends the lifespan of these components.

Adjust opener as needed for proper travel and function:

The garage door opener is responsible for the automated opening and closing of your garage door. Proper adjustment is essential to ensure it operates smoothly and safely. Adjusting the opener involves fine-tuning settings such as travel limits, force settings, and safety features. This ensures that the door opens and closes fully, stops when it encounters an obstacle, and functions reliably.


Adjust and torque any loose brackets, mounts, and fasteners:

Over time, vibrations and usage can cause brackets, mounts, and fasteners to loosen. Loose hardware can compromise the stability and safety of your garage door. Regularly inspecting and tightening these components ensures that the door remains securely in place, reducing the risk of accidents and damage.

Inspect, adjust, and lubricate all belt/chain drive openers as needed:

Belt and chain drive systems are commonly used in garage door openers. Regular inspection ensures that these systems are in good working condition. Adjustments might be necessary to maintain proper tension, and lubrication is required to minimize friction and noise. A well-maintained drive system ensures reliable operation.


Inspect cables for signs of fraying

Garage door cables play a critical role in supporting the weight of the door. Inspecting them for signs of fraying or damage is essential for safety. Frayed cables can snap, leading to a dangerous situation. Replacing damaged cables promptly is crucial to prevent accidents and ensure the door functions properly.

Test and align all safety systems for function and adjust as needed

Safety systems in a garage door are designed to prevent accidents and injuries. These systems can include sensors that detect obstacles in the door’s path and auto-reverse mechanisms. Regular testing ensures that these safety features are functioning correctly. If adjustments are needed, they should be made to ensure that the door responds appropriately to any potential safety hazards.


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alex deltoroalex deltoro
12:55 17 May 24
Jim was fantastic a true professional.
BZ SaydmanBZ Saydman
23:03 16 May 24
Ryan came over within 15 minutes of my call. He expertly replaced my old opener and helped me set up the new one. Awesome from start to finish!
holli lienauholli lienau
20:20 16 May 24
Great tech, Paul!
Alex CharterAlex Charter
20:05 16 May 24
Paul was extremely thorough and detailed. He also walked me through the best ways to keep up with maintenance. I would definitely recommend.
Gina ChurnessGina Churness
19:16 16 May 24
Paul was great! Thank you for great customer service!
Richard BoninoRichard Bonino
22:23 15 May 24
Work seems fine. Just seemed very expensive for what was done.
Melissa ParkerMelissa Parker
17:56 15 May 24
Paul did an excellent job!! Super helpful and pleasant!! He made everything simple and seamless
Tiffany ChenTiffany Chen
20:42 14 May 24
Paul is absolutely amazing at his job. 10/10 would recommend
Susan SchildtsSusan Schildts
16:35 14 May 24
Great dependable service. Gave advanced notice of scheduling. Tech repaired the door issue quickly and efficiently. Would use Besser again!
Phillip LemonsPhillip Lemons
20:11 13 May 24
Prompt, friendly, thorough,efficient.
Pearl BoelterPearl Boelter
19:11 13 May 24
Besser Garage Doors provided excellent service from ordering to installation! We love our new garage door!
Fred SeyfordFred Seyford
16:51 13 May 24
Excellent service and installation. Couldn't be happier
Jaz CoJaz Co
15:54 13 May 24
Paul helped with our garage door. He is energetic, friendly and shared tips how to take of your garage door.
17:56 10 May 24
Thank you, Paul, for your kind and sincere workYou did a great job!!
Lisa LeeLisa Lee
23:26 09 May 24
Paul was our technician and an absolutely amazing fountain of wisdom about all things garage door. His customer service was impeccable, for example, going above and beyond to get my MyQ account up and running with my garage door opener. Absolutely recommend Besser and Paul if you're looking for quality work and amazing service.
Don St JeanDon St Jean
20:44 09 May 24
Excellent service and the doors look great!
Eunice HanEunice Han
18:09 09 May 24
Paul was really friendly and gave me all the information I needed and the service was good.
17:22 09 May 24
Paul is so nice and professional, very helpful and efficient to assist us! He’s the best!
Michelle CraigmileMichelle Craigmile
17:10 09 May 24
Ryan was very thorough and quick. He was able to come out less than an hour after we called.
luz barreraluz barrera
02:35 09 May 24
100% recommended service, very friendly on the phone as well as in person. Devin was the technician who helped me, he was very kind and helped me repair the garage door. Excellent service.

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