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Fast & Easy Garage Door Keypad & Opener Remote Services

Controlling access to your residential or commercial garage door is important. With garage door keypads and remotes, these handy devices put door accessibility into the palm of your hand. There are tons of different devices to choose from wireless keypads to universal remotes each with their own perks and conveniences. At Besser Bros., we can help you with all your keypad and remote needs.

We sell directly to our customers and all our keypads and remotes are compatible with all brands. Our trained and helpful technicians at Besser Bros. can install and program any garage door device. Contact us today if you’re in need of a new keypad or remote for your residential or commercial garage door.

What Should You Do If Your Garage Door Keypad or Opener Remote Breaks?

Garage door keypads and remotes are fantastic… until they break. This can be caused by a range of factors from a dead battery to a cracked or broken button. Being unable to access or control your garage door can lead to significant problems that cost you time, energy, and most importantly, money. Avoid these issues with the help of Besser Bros. We’ve repaired and replaced door keypads and remotes throughout Orange County for more than 40 years.

At Besser Bros., we’re fully stocked with brand new keypads and remotes that are compatible with all garage door brands. We ship nationwide and offer our devices at affordable rates. Devices available can be attached to your keychain, outside your garage door or on your car’s visor. If your device is broken or needs a replacement part, browse our selection or contact one of our friendly representatives for help. With Besser Bros., we’ve built our reputation on our professional and helpful customer service. Our trained technicians are also available to install and program your garage door keypads and remotes. Don’t let a broken device stop you from accessing your own garage door. Let Besser Bros. help today!

Types of Garage Door Keypads & Opener Remotes

With new advances in products and technology every day, there are plenty of quality garage door keypads and remotes to choose from. These traditional devices have also been upgraded for modern capabilities including smartphone apps and access control systems. See below for some of the most popular keypad and remote options available today.

Wireless Garage Door Keypads

You can’t go wrong with wireless keypads. These timeless devices are mounted outside your garage for easy keyless access with the entry of a simple numerical code. Wireless keypads are for families and designed for fast, no-hassle installations. Besser Bros. is fully-stocked with garage door keypads and offer them at affordable rates.

Garage Door Opener Remotes

One of the tired and true ways of accessing your garage is with a good old fashioned remote. While designs vary, the functionality and purpose of door remotes remain simple. You can control access to your garage with the quick press of a button. Remotes come in many varieties with some offering multi-button options.

Universal Garage Door Keypads & Opener Remotes

Universal garage keypads and remotes are great accessories that roll all your keypads and remotes into one easy-to-use device. You can program universal keypads and remotes to access multiple doors, no matter their brand, and even control the lights in your garage. These versatile devices will declutter your life and put more control into your hands.

Our Commitment to You & Your Residential Garage Doors

At Besser Bros., we are committed to providing you with the most honest and reliable residential garage door repair, maintenance, and installation services in Orange County. Our promise to you has earned us an A+ rating and accreditation with the Institute of Door Dealer Education and Accreditation (IDEA). We recognize the impact that our services have on our neighbors' homes and want to make sure your garage door keeps you happy, safe, and secure.

Quality, Trustworthiness & Reliability

A residential garage door is an investment in your home just like any other and it’s always important to work with a dependable and honest company. Besser Bros. is one of the largest and oldest garage door companies in Southern California, specializing in the finest quality custom garage doors that will add a dimension of beauty and value to your home. We have been providing great customer service since 1977!

Reviews of Our Garage Door Services

“In a world where it is very hard to find customer service, I am so happy that I did business with Besser Bros. Byron was a guy that stood behind his word every time! His employees were always honest & respectful.“

- Shelly M, Dana Point, CA

“If you want your garage door serviced by technicians who are polite, professional and respectful, then Besser Bros. is the company you are looking for!“

- Jonathon P, Lake Forest, CA

“Besser Bros. does business like companies used to do back in the day - just honest and reliable service and people.“

- Shirley G, Burbank, CA

“Hello, our experience with Bob was excellent, he is knowledgeable, polite, friendly, just as we are used to people from your company in the past! Thank you for your service!“

- The Kim Family

“The doors are beautiful! We will be painting the exterior soon, so the doors should look even better. Your installers were fantastic. We are extremely happy with everything. Thank you and we will recommend you all to our neighbors.“

- The Philips Family, San Juan Capistrano, CA