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Added Protection with Garage Door Weatherstripping & Trim

Garages are typically thought of as just grungy, oil-spotted covered parking spaces where your kids annoy you with band practice. However, people are spending more and more time in the garage for additional home functions and storage. To help keep your garage clean and tidy, Besser Bros. provides responsible and trusted garage door weatherstripping and trim maintenance, repairs and installation services. Proper weatherstripping and trim keep cold air, moisture, dirt, and bugs out while adding a decorative and stylish accent to your garage. With Besser Bros. garage door weatherstripping and trim services, we’ll help keep your garage and everything inside clean and secure.

What Garage Door Weatherstripping & Trim Do for You

Garage door weatherstripping and trim do far more for your home or business than you may think. These added layers provide your garage, whether residential or commercial, with both protection and decoration. Weatherstripping the edges of your garage door serves as a great insulator and protects your property or valuables inside from dust, debris, bugs, and other unpleasantries. Meanwhile, trim allows you to mask weatherstripping while also adding some decorative flair to your garage and overall home or business.

However, weatherstripping and trim can deteriorate with age, friction and weather exposure leading to air leaks. That’s why it’s important to inspect your garage for these cracks and openings at least once a year. At Besser Bros., we provide honest and dependable garage door maintenance, repairs and installations for all your weatherstripping and trim needs. This includes inspecting, repairing and replacing and applying weatherstrips and trim to your residential or commercial garage doors. Call us at Besser Bros. today for more information and to schedule an appointment.

Avoid DIY Garage Door Weatherstripping & Trim Problems

Installing your own weatherstripping and trim may seem like a great DIY project, but it can lead to many complications, including damage, that costs you valuable time and money. Poor or improper installation can also be a blemish on your home and business and affect the overall curb appeal. Prevent these unnecessary issues by relying on Besser Bros. to install your weatherstripping and trim on your residential or commercial garage.

We provide honest and dependable weatherstripping and trim installations at an affordable and competitive rate. Our friendly and meticulous technicians will perfectly apply these hardware accents so your home or business is protected from weather and debris while also adding a decorative touch. We’ll also replace worn, damaged or missing weatherstrips and trim. Schedule an appointment with us at Besser Bros. today for all your weatherstrip and trim needs.

Our Commitment to You & Your Residential Garage Doors

At Besser Bros., we are committed to providing you with the most honest and reliable residential garage door repair, maintenance, and installation services in Orange County. Our promise to you has earned us an A+ rating and accreditation with the Institute of Door Dealer Education and Accreditation (IDEA). We recognize the impact that our services have on our neighbors' homes and want to make sure your garage door keeps you happy, safe, and secure.

Quality, Trustworthiness & Reliability

A residential garage door is an investment in your home just like any other and it’s always important to work with a dependable and honest company. Besser Bros. is one of the largest and oldest garage door companies in Southern California, specializing in the finest quality custom garage doors that will add a dimension of beauty and value to your home. We have been providing great customer service since 1977!

Reviews of Our Garage Door Services

“In a world where it is very hard to find customer service, I am so happy that I did business with Besser Bros. Byron was a guy that stood behind his word every time! His employees were always honest & respectful.“

- Shelly M, Dana Point, CA

“If you want your garage door serviced by technicians who are polite, professional and respectful, then Besser Bros. is the company you are looking for!“

- Jonathon P, Lake Forest, CA

“Besser Bros. does business like companies used to do back in the day - just honest and reliable service and people.“

- Shirley G, Burbank, CA

“Hello, our experience with Bob was excellent, he is knowledgeable, polite, friendly, just as we are used to people from your company in the past! Thank you for your service!“

- The Kim Family

“The doors are beautiful! We will be painting the exterior soon, so the doors should look even better. Your installers were fantastic. We are extremely happy with everything. Thank you and we will recommend you all to our neighbors.“

- The Philips Family, San Juan Capistrano, CA