How Regular Garage Door Service & Maintenance Can Save You From A Costly Repair

There’s nothing worse than coming home and finding that your garage door won’t open, but it can be avoided if you follow these simple tips. Keeping up with regular service and maintenance will save you from having to pay for a costly repair job down the road.

Regularly check the springs and cables.

Regularly check the springs and cables. The springs control the opening and closing of your garage door, so it’s important to make sure they are in good condition. Check them for wear and tear, as well as signs of rust or corrosion. Also be sure to inspect the cables for cracks, rust or corrosion–if you spot any problems with these components it might be time for a replacement.

If you need help with this process or have any other questions about regular maintenance for your garage door system please contact us at Garage Door Repair Orange County today!

Check the rollers twice a year.

Check for signs of wear and tear, such as dents and rust. Replace any damaged or worn out rollers, bearings and springs.

Check the bearings for signs of wear every six months. Replace them if they are damaged or worn out.

Inspect cables and pulleys every two years to make sure they’re working properly (cables should not be frayed or cracked).

Check to make sure the tracks are in good condition.

Check the tracks for damage, loose or broken parts, rust and debris.

Make sure the rollers are in good condition and that there’s enough grease on them to keep them from squeaking or jamming up. You can check this by looking at how much movement you get when you push down on a roller with your hand (if it moves less than an inch then it needs more grease). Also check that they’re aligned properly with their corresponding wheel so they don’t rub against each other while moving back and forth across the railings of your garage door track system.

If your garage door has been open recently (or anytime during winter) it’s likely that snow has accumulated inside its frame–this will make it harder for your opener motor to lift up without hitting something along its way up into position overhead; thus causing additional wear-and-tear over time which could lead eventually lead towards needing replacement parts sooner than expected if left unchecked regularly throughout year long seasons where temperatures fluctuate drastically between hot summers versus cold winters.”

Check the weather stripping every six months.

The weather stripping around your garage door is a crucial part of the door’s operation. This rubber or plastic material helps seal out moisture and other contaminants from entering into your home, which can cause damage to the wood and metal parts of your garage door. If it becomes worn or torn, it needs to be replaced so that you don’t get water damage inside your home.

Checking for wear and tear. The easiest way to check for wear and tear on weather stripping is by using your hands: if it feels smooth with no cracks in it, then everything looks good! If there are any rips or tears in the material, then this should be replaced immediately before things get worse–you don’t want bugs crawling through those holes!

Make sure your garage door opener works properly and is in good working order.

To ensure your garage door opener is working properly, it’s important to test it at least once a month. Here’s how:

Open the door manually and make sure it goes up easily. If not, check that all of the track guides are aligned properly and free from debris or obstructions. If you still have trouble with manual operation of your garage door after making these adjustments, call an expert for help.

Make sure that when you push down on the button to open or close your garage door that nothing jams up inside of the motor unit itself (or “head” as some people call it). If there is any resistance at all when pressing down on this button then something may be stuck inside causing friction between moving parts which could lead over time until eventually breaking down completely if not tended too quickly enough!

A well-maintained garage door is safer and more dependable than an older one that has been neglected

Regular maintenance is important to keep your garage door in good working order, and it can save you from costly repairs.

A well-maintained garage door is safer and more dependable than an older one that has been neglected. The following are some of the most common problems that occur with garage doors:

The springs break due to age or physical stress on them (such as being overloaded). When this happens, they cannot lift the weight of the door anymore, so it will not open or close properly–or at all! If there are no people inside when this happens, it could cause serious injury if someone were trying to get out through an opening when suddenly their exit was blocked by a falling object like a car or toolbox full of heavy tools and equipment. Also keep in mind that these broken parts could easily fall onto someone walking below them in front of their home/business building if left unattended for long periods without repair work being done first before reopening again later down the road somewhere else where there might still be risk involved despite having fixed everything else yet again.”


If you have a garage door that’s showing signs of wear and tear, it may be time for a replacement. If you’re looking for a new door, we have a wide selection of styles and colors available at our showroom so that you can see what works best in your home.