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Storm-Resistant Wind Load Garage Doors

The weather these days is as unpredictable and extreme as ever. When looking for a new garage door, you want something that can withstand high winds and debris during intense and turbulent storms. With these factors in mind, wind load garage doors make stylish, resilient choices that add layers of flavor and protection to your home and business.

At Besser Bros., we are stocked with wind load garage doors and provide free estimates on all new doors. Our showroom displays a variety of elegant designs, styles and colors of wind load doors at affordable prices. We stand by our doors and offer installation services as well as regular maintenance to keep your new wind load garage door working reliably for years.

How Wind Load Garage Doors Protect You & Your Property

We all know the catastrophic damage a heavy storm can wreak on your home or business. This includes expensive and destructive wind and water damage as well as the possibility of personal injury. A strong enough storm can even knock your garage door off its tracks or cause it to collapse altogether. Thankfully, wind load garage doors are specifically built and reinforced to withstand these weather-related dangers to keep you, your family or customers safe.

At Besser Bros., we carry a multitude of wind load garage doors in our fully-stocked showroom. Take your pick with a variety of colors, styles, designs and glass options. We also offer free estimates on all new doors as well as maintenance, repairs and installation services throughout Orange County. Our skilled and friendly technicians have earned the trust and business of our customers for over 40 years thanks to our committed customer and garage door services. Give us a call today ask one of our personable representatives how we can best address your wind load garage door needs today.

How Do Strong Winds Affect Wind Load Garage Doors?

Hurricanes and strong winds often cause significant and expensive damage to your home or business. See below how a destructive mix of natural factors can impact your wallet and how wind load garage doors can protect you and your property.


During storms and high winds, a ton of pressure is put on your garage door. This pressure causes the door to be pushed or pulled by strong winds to the threat of buckling or collapsing. Wind load doors are able to withstand this pressure while protecting your home or business.


Hurricanes and strong winds can knock down a garage door like it was nothing. When these breaches occur, there’s little protecting your home and business from expensive damage due to high winds and debris. You can protect yourself with a reinforced and dependable wind load garage door.


Debris during extreme weather takes many shapes and forms and can cause serious damage to your home. If your garage door isn’t built for high-speed winds and debris, it can be irreparably damaged or destroyed. Wind load garage doors can stand up against high winds and the debris that comes with it.

High Damage

High damage is serious business and occurs due to a breach or compromise in a garage door. This opening allows high-speed winds to enter your home and business, wreaking havoc by destroying roofs and walls. With wind load garage doors, nothing gets past them with their reinforced and durable design.

Our Commitment to You & Your Residential Garage Doors

At Besser Bros., we are committed to providing you with the most honest and reliable residential garage door repair, maintenance, and installation services in Orange County. Our promise to you has earned us an A+ rating and accreditation with the Institute of Door Dealer Education and Accreditation (IDEA). We recognize the impact that our services have on our neighbors' homes and want to make sure your garage door keeps you happy, safe, and secure.

Quality, Trustworthiness & Reliability

A residential garage door is an investment in your home just like any other and it’s always important to work with a dependable and honest company. Besser Bros. is one of the largest and oldest garage door companies in Southern California, specializing in the finest quality custom garage doors that will add a dimension of beauty and value to your home. We have been providing great customer service since 1977!

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